Group Tours

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Group Tours give you the opportunity to save a significant amount of money while receiving incredible, customized, affordable tour experience.

Price – Our Travel consultants incorporate the bulk discounts for transportation, lodging, meals, and events into their price so that you save money. Savings can be applied to your guests total cost, added to commissions, or donated to a charitable cause (i.e. raising money for alumni groups).

Customization – We will give you recommendations, but ultimately you decide where your trips go- we can customize cities, routes, attractions, hotels and meals.

Pre-planning – We  carefully plan all of the details of Your Group’s program, working with you to recommend events, etc and personalizing the program with your requirements.

Specific Requests – Our travel consultants will try to accommodate certain special needs.  It’s best that you communicate your requests early in the tour planning stage.

Personal attention – No matter how small or large your organization and group is, our tour operators treat each and every group as a VIP, ensuring that every trip is a success Family Reunions and Family Vacations

  • Activity Center and Senior Travel Group Tours
  • Faith Based and Church Group Tours
  • Weddings, Honeymoons and Anniversaries with Family and Friends
  • Incentive Travel for Employees
  • Hobby and Social Clubs
  • Girlfriend Getaways and Women Travel Group Tours